Leaving Super in Accumulation Phase




  1. tony

    hi chris love your work. hope you can help me!..born 15 07 61, want to ” retire ” withdraw $100,000.. pay off my house. and after maybe 2+ months go back to work as fulltime casual. Is this all possible and legal…thankyou.

    • Chris Strano

      Hi Tony, thanks!
      Your superannuation preservation age is 57, which you have met. This means that you could have unrestricted access to your super if you were to retire with no intention of returning to work. This could also be accessed tax free using the low rate cap amount. However, if you intend on returning to work, it is not possible to access your super in this way.
      The other alternative may be to wait until age 60, which provides you with the ability to have full access to your super if you ‘cease an employment arrangement after turning age 60’ – regardless of whether you return to work or not.
      Hope this helps,


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