SuperGuy HUB Lesson Leak: What Happens to my Super When I Retire?


Let me introduce the SuperGuy HUB – The DIY platform for maximising your super & planning your own retirement.

 6+ hours of video training – Over-the-shoulder video guidance to walk you through different aspects of super & retirement planning.

 Tools and checklists – Tools and tutorials to help you simplify and understand your financial situation.
 Real-life case studies – Real-life case studies to show you how these strategies can apply to your own retirement plan.
 Fresh and up-to-date – New video content added to the HUB regularly.

“Once I found the SuperGuy HUB, I found everything was there that I needed.”

Desley B.

“It’s a fantastic tool, it’s wonderful, well thought out and well explained.”

Garry M.